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European Platform Against Polarisation And Radicalisation

Practical Tools For Front-Line Practitioners


Disputes based on socio-political or religious arguments are not a new phenomenon in schools. However, there is a strong need today to respond to the polarising issues that front-line practitioners may face, particularly regarding extremist ideologies and "us vs. them" worldviews. Hence, EUROGUIDE aims to offer teachers and social workers practical tools to respond to these existing challenges.


EUROGUIDE is led by a total of 10 partners spread across 5 different European countries.

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Keep yourself up to date with EUROGUIDE by visiting our news and events page. All current and upcoming information about the project will be posted here. 



From Consortium partners' previous experiences, it was found that many efforts across the EU have focused on identifying signs of radicalisation in schools or created guides aimed at teaching controversial issues. However, there have, to date, been minimal efforts to offer in-depth guidance to a wider range of front-line practitioners. Moreover, there are even fewer resources that provide pragmatic ideas to respond and react constructively to polarising narratives. The small number of resources that do exist often become outdated, as extremist narratives are constantly shifting. 

EUROGUIDE'S main objective is to fill this existing void by developing a living platform, an online toolkit, for front-line practitioners in five European countries. This will, as a result, effectively enhance their capacity to prevent and counter radicalisation by allowing them to improve their responses to controversial situations. 


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